for Education

Funding & Sustainability

Leading strategic initiatives on a tight budget

Executive Summary

Maine Township High School District 207 / Park Ridge, IL
Suburban / 9-12
Students: 7,000
Staff: 520

Disciplined budgeting and careful planning

Advocating for reliable funding streams

Finding creative ways to stretch funds

Making sure every dollar supports your vision

Leading sustainable change

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    Key Takeaways

    • Districts can still lead successful transformation efforts on a tight budget.
    • Every expenditure should tie back to the district’s vision for student success.
    • Plan for the long term and regularly review and update your budget.
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    Lessons Learned

    • Make sure that you plan for how to manage unexpected shortfalls in funding.
    • Use lean times to clarify your priorities. You’ll will become even more effective when times are good.
    • Build trust with the community through transparency and clearly prioritizing education outcomes.