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R2 Innovates: Experimenting our way forward

Executive Summary

Richland School District Two / Columbia, SC
Suburban / K-12
Students: 27,500
Staff: 3,700

The Idea:

Purpose and Impact:

How it works:

R2 Innovates supports activities in the areas of Innovation and Design, Learning Environments, and Computational Thinking.


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    Lessons Learned

    • Fail forward. As a startup, R2 Innovates, is constantly iterating to improve our processes and program. An important mindset is to be open to learning from failure and using feedback to move forward.
    • Build to think. Innovation is about taking action and building prototypes to inform next steps. Encourage teams to avoid long discussions and quickly try ideas out, learning from the successes and failures that follow.
    • Involve all stakeholders. In order to scale promising practices, it’s essential to identify all of the people in your organization who will be affected by the innovation. Innovative programs often cross boundaries and impact the work of many people.
    • Teamwork is essential for success. Build a core team that can get the work done and provide support for each other.
    • Do your homework. It’s common to come up with ideas based on the wrong problem. Observe, interview and research to get to the heart of the problem.