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Raising Student Confidence and Success with Digital Modifications

Executive Summary

Sparta Township Public Schools / Sparta Township, NJ
Public / K-12
Students: 3,300
Staff: 350

The Idea:

Purpose and Impact:

How it works:

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    Lessons Learned

    • Students who infrequently participate in class were more likely to engage in learning experiences as a result of these digital modifications.
    • Students shared the tools with their general education peers, allowing for stronger connections to be built between peers in inclusion environments.
    • Students increased their self-advocacy for their needs in other classes as a result of being exposed to the digital modifications. They began to ask other teachers and were encouraged to use the tools that worked in one class in other classes.
    • Teachers are more receptive to learning from their colleagues. One-on-one meeting and mini-training sessions during prep periods frequently arose as more teachers became interested in using these tools with their own students.