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The Creative Problem Solving Academy: Summer Remediation Done Differently

Executive Summary

Garnet Valley School District / Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
Suburban / K-12
Students: 4757
Staff: 341

The Idea

Purpose and Impact

How It Works

Implementation Tips

Impact and Expansion


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    Lessons Learned

    • Staff Ownership: make sure to touch base with the district Supervisor of Buildings, as well as any staff who are impacted by the changes. The Buildings Supervisor was huge in terms of budget, as well as helping to get quick turn around on the work. We dropped the ball by not giving the MS Librarian a heads up that the Reading Room was being changed.
    • Use of Data: depending on school culture, use data for the initial list, but DEFINITELY get teacher input or feedback on which students they feel would benefit. A good number of students were placed not on data, but on social emotional need garnered from teacher input.
    • Choose The Right Teachers: the key to the program working as well as it had is who we ended up hiring to teach it. Both of the teachers were student-centered, open to project based learning, and were willing to collaborate to take risks with the students.