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Professional Development

Designing PD to foster autonomy, mastery, and purpose

Executive Summary

Maine Township High School District 207 / Park Ridge, IL
Suburban / 9-12
Students: 7,000
Staff: 520

Connecting professional development to a larger mission

Diagram of Maine 207’s professional development vision

Providing flexible learning paths and creating a coaching community

Prioritizing professional development to drive teacher engagement

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    Key Takeaways

    • A district must align its professional development program to its core mission and goals in order to help teachers, students and administrators see the program’s value.
    • Soliciting feedback from administrators and teachers shows these stakeholders that the district cares about their priorities and wants to invest in their growth.
    • With peer coaching and training from instructional coaches, teachers can share their knowledge and best practices.
    • One professional development path isn’t right for everyone. By providing multiple options, districts ensure that every teacher has an opportunity to grow in his or her career.
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    Lessons Learned

    • Teachers value autonomy. Give them choice over how they grow as teachers so they’re invested in their professional development.
    • Show that professional development is a priority. Maine 207 did this by negotiating with the teacher’s association to include professional development and coaching plan requirements in the teacher’s contract.